How to Plant Tall Tomato

You have perhaps seen these plants at the garden center, or in your own windowsill. Those tall lanky tomatoes plants that germinate and overnight seem to have grown more than a foot tall? Frequently asked

Behind the Scenes @ Marvins Gardens Part II

PART II THE PROCESS: Seeding to Germinating, and Developing a strong plant with good roots. A lot of these activities happen in sequence  but as I indicated in an earlier post all plants require varying

Behind the Scenes @ Marvins Gardens Part I

During the  years we have been in the greenhouse business, many of our interested friends have asked questions about the activities during the "off sale" season.  Some of the  questions are similar in nature and

Friends of Marvins Gardens

Welcome to Marvins Gardens! It is our mission to use this as an informational and fun space.

Keep Your Baskets Beautiful all Summer

Keeping your Hanging Baskets and Containers blooming all season is possible by  following a few simple steps.